The Friday Five: Dystopian Reads to Enjoy Before THG

Hey all! I've been a bit bogged down with RL this week. Sick kids. Paperwork. Closet cleaning. Family issues. Now I'm catching the bug that's going around and I slept like crap last night so I think I'm going to make this post a bit of a quickie.

I was stumped about topics for today. I didn't have time for a post last week since I was busy baking and getting ready for my Pure Romance party. The party ended up being pretty much a bust and I'm bummed but c'est la vie. I thought about doing a post featuring five yummy PR products to have a sweet and calorie-free Valentine's Day treat but I'm not sure on what the legalities of that would be since you have to be over 18 to shop in their online store. Blah, blah, whatever. I nixed that idea.

Finally, after wracking my brain for a relevant topic I realized The Hunger Games movie is only 7 weeks away! This is the perfect time to share some other great dystopian fiction I've enjoyed. So here you go... four YA titles and a truly amazing adult title that is not to be missed. You can find out more about each by visiting my reviews from my book blog or clicking the cover image to be taken to Amazon.

In no special order or numbered because these are all very different from one another and I loved them all for different reasons. The sequel to Wither, Fever, comes out on the 21st. The sequel to Bumped, Thumped, comes out in April. Under the Never Sky has a sequel in the works and has been optioned for a film adaptation. Cinder also has a sequel in the works called Scarlet.

Oh! And hop on over to my book blog before Sunday to enter the giveaway I have going over there. Don't worry I'm planning another one for RhiAlistic later this month. Have a great weekend and be on the lookout for that upcoming giveaway!

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