Fashion Rhi-view: Jewelmint's Cupid Kit

What can I say? I'm a sucker for grab bags and surprises of the sort. I had some great ones in the Wondermint Mystery Bags I purchased in December though I've been stuck with three pieces I don't like and can't seem to get anyone to trade for them.

Last week Jewelmint announced a Cupid Kit. Since I had loved the Weleda Wild Rose Moisture Cream from the BeautyBox I decided to pick this up in hopes I would get that instead of the lipstain. It alone costs about $20 so I figured it was a good investment. Want to get one of your own? Here are the details:

Fall in love with Cupid’s Kit, a specially curated assortment of goodies just in time for Valentine’s Day. Bursting with the hottest items, your kit will include a sexy fuchsia pink tank top, a top-selling lip or face beauty product from luxury brands Josie Maran and Weleda, plus one best-selling JewelMint piece. Whether you’re romancing someone you love, spending the evening with girlfriends, or just celebrating yourself, get hit with Cupid’s Kit and love the way you look.

Only $29.99 + FREE SHIPPING

Absolutely no returns. All sales are final.

Mine came in the mail today even though I didn't expect it until next week so I was really excited about it. When I opened the black JM package the Cupid Kit was nicely boxed in a simple white package. Light pink tissue paper kept everything together nicely.

I received the Weleda Wild Rose Moisture Cream as hoped and the fuschia 'tank top' is actually more of a camisole. It's a One Size but definitely a junior's size. I'm a size 6 and it's going to have to be an undershirt or pajama top 'cause it's going to be very snug.

When I excitedly tore into my jewel pouch I found this adorable surprise hiding it—a candy necklace! I have to admit this was a really nice tough on JM's part. It made me smile remembering my childhood fondness for sharing these with my BFF. Will have to have the hubs nibble my necklace later. ;)

My surprise piece was the Santa Fe Sunset Earrings. Honestly, I have eyeballed them a bit. They're eyecatchingly colored but not my style at all. Yet, I kept going back to them. Unfortunately, this pair has ugly black swirls in the orange stones on top. It lends an organic quality to them in a way so it's got me fence sitting. I love amber but these just don't quite work. You can't see it in any of the photos but one of the purple stones also has a clear section. It's not an issue, just a bit of a QC issue if I had bought them specifically. We'll see whether I keep them or not. They're very much my mom's style but she'd hate the colors so I may save these for her birthday.

Overall, I'm a little disappointed with the Cupid Kit. Mostly because I didn't care for the earrings I got and the fact the 'tank top' is really a camisole. If I were a larger size I would be very unhappy about the camisole. If I were rating this as a regular review it would get a 3 Stars rating. It's worth the $30 but only if you're a junior size, want to try the cream or lipstain and want one of the five pieces that are popping up in them. So far I have heard of folks getting the Desert Rose Necklace and Wonderland earrings. I'm curious what two others have popped up though I have a couple of guesses.

Here's a better view of the tank top and everything I got. I kinda wish the earrings matched the tank top. In fact, I've wished the Santa Fe Sunsets came in another color scheme. How about a Sante Fe Sunrise with a royal blue in place of the purple, a lavender or sunny yellow instead of the 'rose quartz' and a bright sunrise pink in place of the orange. Yep, something more along those lines but still silver metal would be lovely.

If you bought a Cupid Kit what piece did you get? Do you think this was worth $29.99? Haven't tried Jewelmint yet? There are lots of promo codes for 50% off (or more) on your first piece and the brand new February Showroom just launched so it's the perfect time to get started.

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  1. I would only pay full price for a JM mystery bag if I was guaranteed AT LEAST 2 pieces, plus more goodies. As you know I got my Cupid's Kit with my BeautyMint purchase, so I feel I got a good deal. Plus I love my Wonderland Earrings. :)



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