Book Rhi-view: Little Seeds by Charles Ghinga

Little Seeds (My Little Planet) by Charles Ghigna and A.G. Jatkowska
Board Book, Toddlers, Gardening
Board Book $6.95 (24 pages, CAPSTONE)
In this poem, children discover that planting seeds is an exciting adventure that is good for the Earth, too! (Preschool)
Publisher Site: Capstone

Pretty but I'm confused...  (4 stars)

A pretty little poem and lovely, color-rich illustrations make LITTLE SEEDS and eye-catching and cute board book. But as part of the My Little Planet series I'm utterfly baffled as to what this one has to do with encouraging environmentalism in little readers. With other titles focusing on recycling and litter pick-up how does planting flowers measure up? I get it and yet I don't. Plants are important to our environment but there's really no presentation of it that way here.

Pushing that aside—even though it is what drew me to the book for my voraciously book loving 2-year-old—this is a cute book. There's a welcome spring message that translated really well with my little one even though we're still stuck in dreary winter. She loved telling me what she was seeing in the pictures and naming the colors of things. The craft in the back is classic and will be lots of fun when my little one is a bit older.

Though I wish it was more about an environmental issue in direction LITTLE SEEDS is not one to pass up. We loved the images and the poem was easy for me to read while holding my little girl's attention. A nice addition to our board book library.

Notes: ARC received via NetGalley.

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