Still alive... but crazy!

So we survived the holidays... just barely. Hubs is back to work. *coughfinallycough* Kids are back to school. Hallelujah! But now all of the holiday decor needs to come down and get repackaged. I need to clean out the fridge. I have about 8 book reviews to write. Some paperwork that needs sorting. Not to mention I'm having a Pure Romance party at the end of the month and so plans for that are being finalized. I am—to put it gently—losing my freaking mind.

Haven't had a good night's sleep since before hubs' surgery, missed my weekly check-in chat with my gram this week, and the catbox is whispering stinky nothings in my ear. So I'm running on fumes. But I have lots of awesome stuff in the mail for bloggy goodness. A beautybox from Beachmint is on it's way. Three Wondermint Mystery Bags from Jewelmint that for some reason have been stuck in Billings since Saturday. *sigh* Hopefully they'll show up by the weekend. I have a spa-date with the MIL on Saturday and a party right after that to go to so I would love to have some gorgeous jewelry to wear. Then there's the January CraveBox which I've heard only the twitter based clues about. Then I'm also hoping to be invited to the January Influenster VoxBox because it's going to be Love/Valentine's themed. Very much up my alley.

Well anywho guys. Just wanted to let you know I am around just playing RL catch-up a little now that everyone is out of the house during the day again. Be watching for good stuff in the weeks to come. ;) -- Rhi

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