Jewelmint Haul: Wondermint Mystery Bags

I don't even remember how the heck I stumbled on Jewelmint in the days right before Christmas. I just know I was broke from holiday spending and so I didn't do more than make an account. Now I am an official fan and mildly obsessed. But I digress... I ordered a mystery bag on the 27th not realizing it was putting me out of the running for the awesome extra prizes purchasers were being entered for (Apple GCs, Kindle Fires, etc.) and then decided I should buy a couple more the 28th. They took forever to get here though. They sat in a town 4 hours away for 7 days! Not sure how thrilled I am about the shipping but whatever, I'm blaming it on the holiday season.

My order showed up at some point Saturday while I was on my spa-date and so I did get to quickly open them and wear a couple pieces to the party we went to Saturday night. So here is my haul...

Bag #1:

I don't like purple. It is one of the most unflattering colors for fair women IMHO but sometimes even I buy something purple. I would never have picked out either of these pieces. I ended up loving the Baltic Gems, though I wish the stones were another color (green or red or even black would have been better) but they're actually really gorgeous. They're extremely heavy but swingy in a way that works really well with long hair.

The Calypso necklace is just not me at all. I like the chain and hate everything else about it. I'm hoping I can find someone who wants it with something I like to trade for it.

Bag #2:

Initially I was on the fence about the Vanguard. It's the most coveted piece right now and I loved it on the model but wasn't sure how I could pull it off. It's very heavy and it itched like mad but I threw on black skinnies, a white tee, and very simple make-up (black mascara, cherry gloss) and the look was everyday made chic. Now I love it and so does the tot. She kept saying 'oh-oooo bee-U-ful' and trying to take it off so she could try it.

I was really hoping I would like the Thunderbirds. They're kinda Native American styled but they're just not flattering. The red is too orange to work with my fair skin nicely. I think they'd be gorgeous on someone with an olive complexion like my mom. These are for sure going in my trade pile.

The Victorian Charmers are definitely not me. I've got a much more gothy taste in Victorian influenced jewelry and while I do like the chains and the magnifying glass charm I would rather see the set traded to someone who loves them than have them sitting in my jewelry box collecting dust.

Bag #3:

The ultimate shock of the entire Mystery Bag experience is that the one piece I had decided I would for sure not keep ended up being my favorite of the entire batch. The Le Beau's photos on the site do it NO justice. The black and gold chain doesn't pop in photos. My flash helped it a little but even these photos aren't good. The ring is too big for my pinkie and too small for anything else but it looks good with everything in my everyday wardrobe so it's a definite keeper.

Lastly, the Soleil. The trouble piece. The one that I don't love or hate. It's pretty but not my style at all. I love the 'stone', I heard others got ones with ugly marks but mine is extremely gorgeous. It's huge on me. I have big wrists but my hands aren't very wide and as you can see by the photo... it's really sloppy on me. I thought about taking a link out but it would be too snug then. It too will be going in the trade pile.

So overall I received 7 pieces for the price of 3 (apparently promo codes weren't supposed to work on them but mine did—whoops!—so I actually got them for the price of 2 1/3) which is exceptionally good. Considering I may not actually keep 4 of the 7 though I'm a tiny bit bummed.

If I don't get any luck trading I may do a giveaway of one or more of the pieces. What do you think I should do? Do you like any of these?

I'm going to end up making a wishlist page for the blog I think. It's embarrassing how obsessed I am now. Strangely enough the hubs is liking my new get-dressed, put-on-make-up, put-on-jewels routine, which isn't helping me tame my purchasing. Bah!

Oh and if you end up joining and buying a piece using my link I can earn credits toward JM which I would love. Right now you can get 10% off of the Lady Noir Rings, Web Lace Ring (one of my faves!), or the Empress Necklace using code MATCH10 but it ends tomorrow!

And on that note I am off to read before bed. Would love to see some commentage. ;) -- Rhi

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