Book Rhi-view: Hippo Says "Excuse Me" by Michael Dahl

Hippo Says "Excuse Me" by Michael Dahl
Manners, Toddler, Board Book
Board Book $7.99 (20 pages, PUB)
Hippo uses his manners to help a little chick. (PreK)
Publisher Site: www.capstonepub.com

Terrific for the 'Terrible Twos' (4 stars)

My elder child was constantly complimented on his lovely manners when he was a toddler. Then he grew up and went to school. Now his manners aren't quite so praise-worthy and his influence can be on the bad side with his toddler sister. So when I saw HIPPO SAYS "EXCUSE ME" I had to check it out.

At two years old our daughter is extremely verbose but doesn't always know the best way to ask for what she needs such as getting past someone who is blocking her way. I've found it difficult for her to understand the concept of 'excuse me' but this adorable book really has helped give her more to work with. She loves hippos and actually has a tub toy that looks just like the hippo in the story so she immediately fell in love with this book.

While she might not quite get the concept still, this Hello Genius title is a great way to get it in her mind. She actually said 'sus-cuse me, mama' instead of pushing at me yesterday like she usually does. I was so proud!

If you have a toddler in that 'terrible twos' phase where their vocab can't keep up with their desires I think this and other titles in the Hello Genius series are a great way to help them learn important concepts without being dull. Even I was having fun talking about the full bus and the animals packed into the elevator as we turned the pages. The only thing I had hoped it mentioned and didn't was using 'excuse me' after burps... 'cause big brother needs to re-learn that one and I bet his little sis could teach him a thing or two about manners these days. ;)

Notes: ARC received via NetGalley.

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