My Mentos Pure Fresh Moment

Influenster asked us to share an experience where Mentos Pure Fresh saved the day or we'd wished we had some. I wish I had a great tale of how Mentos saved the day for me but not quite. Here's my story...

During my pregnancy with my 2-year-old I not only was sick with all day 'morning sickness' but gestational diabetes as well. Constant nausea and having to count every teeny tiny calorie when you're pregnant and ravenous is a special kind of hell. But I'm a toughie and found that a regime of a certain herbal tea, ginger candy, sour candies, energy bars, and chewing gum helped me stay sane.

When I wrote my review on the Influenster site I wasn't lying about Mentos Pure Fresh being the gum I found.

So there I was, six months pregnant and my husband was out of town when the kids and I piled into my inlaw's car to go to the state fair. We didn't make it. We were almost there and stopped at a red light when we were rear-ended. No, not just rear-ended... we were the front of a three-car pile-up!

Bad hair, bad fashion and bad breath.
No one was badly hurt thank goodness but I hurt my neck and they don't let pregnant ladies just walk away from car accidents. Which meant being strapped down and immobilized for the long ride across town while I cried my eyes out in an ambulance. I was terrified the baby might be hurt from the seatbelt and she wasn't moving. I couldn't even call my husband who was two states away to let him know what had happened.

Four hours in the E.R. when you're starving, your mouth is dry and has that morning-coffee funk lingering... I swear everyone in that emergency room got within six inches of my mouth. The x-ray techs got it the worst as they adjusted my neck for pictures, I was trying not to be vain about it considering the situation but come on! It's bad enough when your mascara is all over your face from tears and you have to have someone help you sit to pee 'cause your neck's in a brace and you're round as a pumpkin, but oh no... Rhianna has butt-breath to top it off. *facepalm*

No bad breath here...
Yep, hospitals are all about being humiliated in every way imaginable whether it's butt-flashing gowns or sharing something-died-in-your-mouth breath with strangers up-close and personally.

Three months later I had my Mentos Pure Fresh Gum in my backpack when we went to the same hospital where we welcomed our healthy baby girl into our family. No way was I going to be screaming in agony with my goods on display with a stinky mouth. As you can see, she didn't mind mommy's breath. :)

So... do you have a moment you wish you'd had some Mentos Pure Fresh?

Notes: You can learn more about Mentos Pure Fresh on the Mentos website. I received a sample of Mentos Pure Fresh Gum through Influenster which in no way determined my opinion of this product.

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