Toy Rhi-view: Green Toys Dish Set

Green Toys Dish Set
Company Site: Green Toys, Inc.
Product Details: It’s dinnertime with the world’s most environmentally friendly dish set! Includes everything you need to serve a meal for four, and do something great for the planet. The Green Toys™ Dish Set is made in the U.S.A. from 100% recycled plastic milk containers that save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This set gives new meaning to the term “clean plate”. Safe, non-toxic, BPA-free, and even meets FDA food contact standards.
Dishwasher safe.
24 pieces, including: 4 Cups, 4 place settings(Fork/Knife/Spoon), 4 Plates, 4 Bowls
Suggested Age:  For ages 2 and up.

Not Just for Greenies, Great for Everyone! (5 Stars)

In the past year I decided to make a point to find great eco friendly products to incorporate into various parts of our lifestyle. Switching cleaners and using reusable shopping bags are great, easy ways to make changes but I wasn't so sure about toys. Could there really be great toys that are ecofriendly and fun?

When my little girl turned two this fall she was given a repainted hand-me-down play kitchen from some members of our extended family. It's cute and fun but we needed something to play with in the kitchen. Let me just say now that I hate plastic toys in general so I was leaning toward a metal or wood set for the tot when I found the Green Toys dish set. The colors are gorgeous! When I read that not only are these made from recycled milk bottles, they're also made here in the USA I thought for sure they'd be super expensive. Honestly though, in comparison to other sets I looked at they really weren't that much more. I was sold.

Lightweight but shocklingly durable this set takes a daily beating from my daughter. They're nice enough that we could use real food in them (Daddy this does not mean I want to find dried Dr. Pepper in the tea cups again!) and dishwasher safe, which I tested. They're the perfect size for toddlers and the colors are just the right grouping to be great for either gender if you care about that sort of thing. The only thing I don't like about these is the forks. They're odd shaped and I can't imagine trying to use the tines for real food. We did have to put all the place settings up since our toddler was running with them in her mouth but during supervised play they're just too cute for words.

On the whole the tot and I love this dish set. I feel good knowing these are American made and ecofriendly. I have full intentions to buy many more toys for our kids from Green Toys because even if I wasn't trying to be more environmentally concious these are just well made toys anyway!

Notes: This product was purchased by me and I have received no compensation for endorsing this product.

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