Influenster Holiday VoxBox Opening!

As promised... I made a video of me opening my holiday voxbox! I've never really done a video before and it shows but it's just little old me being honest. Come see my goodies...

I hope to share more about each product with you guys very soon. I have some fun ideas for each actually. 'Cause I'm nerdy like that. And my son tried to steal the coconut Softsoap already. ;)

Oh! And sorry there are gingerbread men in little packages floating around on the table. Those were NOT in the box. They came from a bakery nearby and I was literally serving dinner, trying to make the video and get ready to leave for the gym—cold and all!—so I just kinda shoved stuff aside except for them 'cause they're so cute and festive. This is the HOLIDAY VoxBox afterall!

Be back with more soon darlings. -- Rhi

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