December CraveBox: Unboxing

So I had literally reached the point I was sure it had been lost in the mail. Every time I checked tracking I got that it was still in New Jersey. But then it showed up on my doorstep late last evening via a second mail delivery which was odd. At least it's not lost though. :)

Santa came early this year!
I already knew everything that was in here since the site had the stuff listed right away and others had received their boxes days ago. But it was still fun to open it.

Very nicely wrapped, felt like a gift. :)

This is the Holiday Pamper Me Cravebox...

The list of the included Holiday Pamper Me CraveBox goodies.

First up, a Perugina Milk Chocolate bar...

Then removing the rest of the pretty pink paper... the other goodies.

Two packages of BiC for her pens...

Nicole by OPI Nic's Sticks Nail Laquer Pen in Indigo-go-go!

One package of two Baci, also from Perugina...

Everything all together now. Now I've looked into each and the actual retail value on each is roughly as follows:
  • Perugina Milk Chocolate Bar $2.50
  • Mèreadesso Beautiful Body Balm $54
  • Bic for Her $4 (each)
  • Nic's Sticks $7
  • Baci 1 oz $2
So roughly speaking I received about $70-75 worth of stuff for only $10. Now in all honesty I wasn't really thrilled to find pens in there. You'd have to see the handfuls upn handfuls of pens we have in this house. I cleaned about 8 out of the diaper bag last week. But I LOVE Baci and have a cute story to share about them when I write something about it later. The Mèreadesso seems to be getting weak reviews but I don't think many of the other folks researched the product. There's a reason it doesn't smell fabulous and it's a brilliant one. I wish I'd received their face toning product!

Not a bad haul for the cash I put in and I'm looking forward to my subscription. Hopefully the boxes will be just a little more WOWing in the future. Expect more about this box next week when things slow down from the holiday. -- Rhi


Don't know about Cravebox yet? The above featured box was the beta test, the very first box from them. There are similar services out there but Cravebox is a little different, this isn't just cosmetics and face creams. Cravebox brings you 'the most crave-worthy food, beauty & home products' which is why I decided I wanted to get in on the first box. I love beauty booty but I love variety.

For $10 a month (shipping is FREE) you receive 4-5 hand-selected products. While some of the products are not more than $10 themselves, the total of all items in the box are worth more than $10. It's currently only available in the USA. Bloggers are encouraged (but not required) to share their thoughts on the products in their box. If you'd like to know even more you can check out their super helpful FAQ.

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