Beauty Rhi-view: Montagne Jeunnesse Passion Peel-Off Mask

Hey everybody... I'm feeling a lot better. That cold was seriously kicking my butt. But now I have a bit of a breakout coming on—Oh joy!—and so I thought I'd use my mask sample from the Holiday VoxBox before my skin got even more hideable. I do apologize for the unattractive locale but I needed a spot with good lighting and quiet, two things almost impossible to get in this house. ;)

If you want to know anything more about the mask I tried feel free to comment with your question. If you're a fellow Influenster who got to try a different mask you think might work better for my skin please, please leave a comment telling me which one it was. When I was running errands the stock was really low so I grabbed two others just based on the fact the were the only two not peel-offs.
If you want to know more about Montagne Jeunesse please check out their website, visit their Facebook page, and Follow them on Twitter.
...and yeah, I realized after-the-fact that I spelled Jeunesse with 2 N's in the video. Whoops! I'm blaming my dyslexia and sticking to it. lol I swear, I even read it on the package last night as having 2 N's. At least I pronounced it right... right? :P

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