Are you an Influenster?

I am so NOT recovered from my lengthy weekend. I didn't just want it to end because it was anything but restful... although, that was certainly part of it. No, I wanted it to end so this week would be here!

You see, back in October my husband off handedly mentioned that one of his cousins had mentioned getting free stuff from something called Influenster in a Facebook post. Not having heard of it and being busy at the time I brushed it off but filed it away as something to look up that I'd probably forget by the next day. But I didn't. So I googled it, made sure it wasn't some kind of scam and decided to join. The system is well managed, the products mostly nicer products, and the on-site reviews... okay that's what convinced me they needed me to join.

Call me egotistical but I've been writing honest reviews that at the very least have complete sentences and capitals where they belong for going on a decade now. No, they're not all poorly written but some of them I read made me want to gouge my eyes out. I hate seeing someone (and we have them in other reviewer programs I've participated in as well) receive a product and half-ass the review. It gives the rest of us a bad name.

Any how, through a series of forunate—and fun!—events, which included a terrific twitter party, I qualified for the Holiday 2011 Vox Box! It ships this week and I decided to not only do the obvious and review each product properly, but that I'd do a video reveal when I get my box AND share some pictures on my newly minted tumblr.

We've been given lots of clues as to what awesome stuff will be in the box and I can hardly stand the wait! I think I have a good guess regarding one of the items, everyone at the twitter party was chomping for nail polish but hints were dropped that make me think we're getting the brand new Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips I saw at Target the other night. I was on my way out with a squirming toddler and didn't have time to actually stop and browse but I know I saw a candy-cane striped one! A quick check online looks like there's a snowflake design, a wintery glitter, and a plaid! So fingers crossed 'cause I've always wanted to try these and holiday ones would seriously rock my socks. Of course I could be way off but isn't it fun guessing along with me?

Still not convinced to check Influenster out? Check back in the next week and see what I got 'cause what's the fun of getting cool new stuff if I can't share it with my peeps? 'Til then! -- Rhi

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