AFk-ish this week... 'cept the giveaway & #HolidayVoxBox!

Hey everybody! I dunno what's up with me but I caught a cold last week and can't seem to shake it. It just keeps getting worse and worse.

It probably doesn't help that I don't know how to rest. What mom does? I can't even seem to get caught up with my laundry and dishes and make decent meals this weekend. :(

Naturally with my head foggy from congestion I can't think enough to write my reviews. So I think I'm going to just call in sick to the blog this week. lol I'll make sure to pop by and handle the giveaway and hopefully be well enough to share the Holiday VoxBox if it shows up by weeks' end but aside from that I really need to put my health first before this gets any worse. It's making my asthma act up which is just unusual so I'm not taking any risks. Getting me butt to bed with some tea and vitamins!

Hope to be back next weekend with good health. XO -- Rhi

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