16 Gifts under $50 for the Beauty Junkie

I recently took an Allure survey regarding holiday shopping habits and at the very end was asked the question what gift I look forward to the most (or something to that effect). Immediately I thought 'Beauty Products' but then thought better of it only to then realize the one thing I LOVE and rarely buy for myself but always want is fragrance. I've spoken of my problem finding a scent that works for me thanks to funky body chemistry but still I love all things perfumed.

This year I'm not getting anything special for Christmas because our budget sucks. I wanted to go a bit big for the toddler so I mostly get to 'shop' for imaginary people and look forward to my giveaways. But I daydreamed a bit and tried to think of some great beauty gifts I would love to give or get. Enjoy! -- Rhi

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