Book Rhi-views: Hot Guys and Baby Animals

Hot Guys and Baby Animals
Photography, Animals, Humor
Print $9.99 (80 pages, ANDREWS MCMEEL)
Ebook $7.99
Are you sick and tired of studly male models showing off their perfectly sculpted muscles? Have you had enough of cuddly baby animals flaunting their perfect newborn fuzzy cuteness? We didn't think so. Shirtless guys and puppy dog eyes take over Porn for Women titles with this collection of Hot Guys and Baby Animals by Audrey Kuhner and Carolyn Newman. In addition to benefiting the SPCA, Hot Guys and Baby Animals features 40 photos of gorgeous guys and their fuzzy friends, along with tongue-in-cheek captions detailing the likes and dislikes of each guy and baby animal. Let the "ohs" and "ahs" begin as male models play with puppies, snuggle kittens, nuzzle lambs, and even coo at a few chicks (baby chicks, that is). Perhaps the Sundance Channel says it best in its review of the California calendar that started it all: "Hot guys + baby animals = genius."
Publisher Site: andrewsmcmeel.com

Cute and cuddly and totally giftable... (4 stars)

Looking for a gift for that certain someone on your list that just needs a good dose of cute baby critters that isn't four? Look no further than this adorable book from the publisher who brought us Sorry I Pooped in Your Shoe.

It's simple really. Attractive—and sometimes shirtless—men holding or posing with baby animals.

From puppies and kittens to ducklings and goats (okay, there's even one who has a snake) there're more cute critters in this tome than the petting zoo. Surely someone wouldn't mind petting some of the occupants of these pages? These aren't overly artsy though each has a definite portrait feel. The model and animal(s) have their names on the opposite page with a cute little 'fact' about each. My personal favorite is Billy Ray and Georgia's "Billy Ray used to be a competitive figure skater. Georgia is a kung fu master." featuring a burley tattooed guy and a kitten snuggling up to each other. Very 'awwww' inducing.

Precious and funny, Hot Guys and Baby Animals, also benefits the SPCA which any animal lover will appreciate. I think this would be a great gift for a gal (or guy) with a great sense of humor who also doesn't mind a bit of man candy with her daily dose of cute.

Notes: Review copy received via NetGalley.

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