Book Rhi-view: My First Words at Home

My First Words at HOME
Toddler, First Words, Concepts
FORMAT $6.95 (20 pages, STAR BRIGHT BOOKS)
From the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom and the bathroom, there are over 100 words for baby to discover in this exciting romp around the house! Photos of familiar objects and new discoveries will have children talking about all the exciting things they find at home.
Publisher Site: starbrightbooks.org

Bright, Cleanly Presented Basics (4 stars)

One of my favorite books when I was in the preschool age range was a gigantic book of words that had the word for each item next to it within drawings. But not every child can get through the clutter of other images to select the specific one before learning to read. Which is why I really liked the way My First Words at HOME has a pair of facing pages for different rooms within the home where the items are situated on a white background.

My toddler could point to nearly every item I named within just a few (seperate) readings of this book. She enjoyed the brightly colored photos and I liked that she was learning new words for some items we don't have in our home. This was our second book from Star Bright Books and we continue to enjoy the quality of their work.

If you're looking for some nice basic concept board books for your little one I highly recommend anything by Star Bright but specifically this one.

Notes: Review Copy received via NetGalley.

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