25 Cooler-Than-Socks Gifts for Guys Under $25

Happy Holidays dear readers! I'm always on the lookout for some crazy quirky giftage for the guys in my life. Let's face it... most women are easy to buy for. But guys? Okay if you're me you LOVE shopping for the guys. Why? Because there's so much fun, inventive and just plain cool stuff out there that appeals to the male of the species. With a big enough budget I could shower my husband, cousins, uncles, and friends with a lot of geek-erific, useful stuff.

Here's my list of twenty-five giftable items for the men in your life from some of my favorite sites that won't blow your budget. Enjoy! -- Rhi
• ($14.99) Barbeque Ninja Apron from Plasticland
 • ($20.00) Alien Attack Salt & Pepper Combo Set from Plasticland
 • ($16.00) Shark Attack Mug from Fred Flare

• ($18.00) Log Pillow from Fred Flare
• ($20.00) "Breaaad!" Zombie Bread Tee from Threadless
• ($11.99) Digits - Conductive Glove Pins from ThinkGeek

• ($14.99) Pizza-Boss 3000 Pizza Cutter from ThinkGeek
• ($24.00) Buckle Up Key Holder from UncommonGoods
• ($15.00) Duct Tape Wallet from UncommonGoods

• ($7.99) Star Wars Wacky Wisecracks Yoda Man Figure from Entertainment Earth
• ($21.95) Bear Claw Slippers from Catalog Favorites
• ($19.99) Whiskey Stones from Vat 19

• ($15.99) Magnogrip Magnetic Tool Wristband from Vat 19
• ($19.95) Toast of the Zombie Sculptural Goblet from Design Toscano
• ($9.95) Bigfoot, the Holiday Yeti Holiday Ornament from Design Toscano

• ($12.00) USB Hubman from Kikkerland
• ($10.00) Ice Cube Tray Battle Ship from Kikkerland
• ($22.95) USB Flashdrive Boba Fett MIMOBOT® from Mimoco

• ($14.95) Blue High Score Media Case from ModCloth
• ($14.95) Tired Old Ass Soak Bath Salts from The Vermont Country Store
• ($24.95) Jack Daniels Truffles from The Vermont Country Store

• ($14.95) How to Speak Zombie: A Guide for the Living Book from Chronicle Books
• ($14.95) Beard Book from Chronicles Books
• ($25.00) Multi-Tool from MoMA Store

• ($20.00) Remote Control Container from MoMA Store

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