Halloween 2011: Tempting Treats for Adults

The big day is almost here. The day when parents trudge out to watch over their little monsters while they ask strangers for candy. Uhm, why do we do this again? :P

Because we get to dress up too? Well, that's my reasoning I suppose.

Sometimes though, the folks handing out treats put an extra one in there for mom and dad too. At least they do where we go for our evening of tricks and treats. Which got me thinking... if adults were the ones knocking on doors what kind of treats would be passed out? Aside from the obvious amusing suggestions of alcohol and prophylactics that frat boys would suggest I've collected a handful of items few kids would want but adults will love.

From wasabi peas and black licorice pipes to classic chewing gum such as the wintergreen flavor of Beemans and fiery ginger candies you could easily stock some of these to pass on to the weary parental units guiding the herd through one of the most loved and hated holidays of the year.

My personal favorites are Metromint's Chocolatemint water and Theo's Fantasy chocolate bars. The Chocolatemint water sounds disgusting but is refreshing, calorie-free (contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners!), and has all of the flavor minus the sweetness. Meanwhile, Theo's chocolate is fair-trade, organic, and comes in both milk and dark varieties with flavors including Bread & Chocolate, Coconut Curry, and Fig Fennel with Almond. Treats no proper adult could pass up.

Weigh in ye adults! What other treats would you want to see dropped into your pillow case or pumpkin bucket that your kids wouldn't want to steal from ya?

Links for adult friendly treats:

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