Book Rhi-view: Ruby, Violet, Lime: Looking for Color by Jane Brocket

Ruby, Violet, Lime: Looking for Color (Jane Brocket's Clever Concepts)
Nonfiction, Toddler, Child, Colors
Library Binding $25.26 (31 pages, MILLBROOK PRESS) Ebook $18.95
Ruby flowers, violet quilts, lime frosting--colors are all around us. How many colors can you find in the pages of this book? (Ages 4-8)
Publisher Site: www.lernerbooks.com

Refreshing Approach to Teaching Colors (5 stars)

When it comes to teaching small children the basics such as numbers, shapes, and colors there aren't a lot of books out there that bring anything new to the table. On title alone, RUBY, VIOLET, LIME, is stimulating. As a writer and art lover I was very excited to get an early look at what this book had to offer my toddler. Neither of us was disappointed.

Brilliant, full-color photography graces this book with a subtle elegance that might be lost on young readers but parents can appreciate. Covering a broad spectrum of hues as the title suggests this isn't a dull color wheel spewed onto the page. No, this book shows colors in practical situations. The shades on socks, cakes, fruits, doors. As a parent to an extremely verbal and curious 2-year-old RUBY, VIOLET, LIME satisfied her need for words and associated examples and my need for a book we would both enjoy multiple times.

While currently only available in ebook and library bound formats I feel that this is well worth the price. I'm going to be refering the title to the elementary school my children attend for their library and look forward to trying out Brocket's SPIKY, SLIMY, SMOOTH: WHAT IS TEXTURE? very soon!

Notes: Received digital review copy via NetGalley.

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