Beauty Rhi-view: Zom-body to Love (Glow-in-the-Dark) [OPI Halloween 2011]

OPI 2011 Halloween Zom-body to Love (Glow in the Dark)
More info: opi.com

Finally one that REALLY glows! (5 stars)

I can't even find ZOM-BODY TO LOVE locally because the spa I go to didn't bother getting enough for customers. They had it sitting amidst the other polishes available for mani-pedi clients but didn't even have it swatched so not even the cosmetologists knew they had it. The bright green caught my eye and since I loooove green I asked what it was and I am so glad I did.

The color is gorgeous in the bottle but you won't achieve the same hue even with multiple coats. This is a thin polish to allow for the glowing effect. At three coats I can still see through my polish a little and the color reminds me of surgical scrubs. It's very flattering on my very fair skin and I wish she'd given me just one more coat. She wasn't sure that the polish would be very glowy and I forgot all about it. Later that night I turned the light out to go to bed and startled myself when my toes made a nice green streak jumping into bed.

I bought a cheap-o glow-in-the-dark polish last year and even with several coats got only a very faint glow. This polish, however, is full-nail bright glow. I absolutely LOVE it and suggest it to anyone who is looking for a high-quality glowing polish that's still pretty by daylight. Grab it fast because it's going-going-gone everywhere!

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