Book Rhi-View: Counting in the Garden

Counting in the Garden
Baby, Toddler, Counting, Plants
Board Book $15.95 (58 pages, AMMO BOOKS)
"Counting in the Garden" celebrates the joy of growing flowers, fruits, and vegetables in one's very own garden. This chunky board book is a visual feast from one to twelve. Young children will love finding and counting all of the garden treats. Every other page introduces a new plant into the mix until ultimately all twelve plants are featured together in the final, abundantly overgrown garden. "Counting in the Garden" is sure to appeal to eco-conscious parents and their "green" little kids.
Publisher Site: http://www.ammobooks.com/

A Vibrant and Funky Counting Book (5 Stars)

While the suggested age range for this book starts at four I really think this is an excellent one to start younger kids with. At 20-months our tot became interested in counting during a really long car trip. By the time we'd reached our destination she could count from one to ten fairly well and continues to attempt the count whenever we're in the car. She might not grasp the concept of number yet but with the help of books like COUNTING IN THE GARDEN we've been working on adding a visual component to her numbers fascination.

What she and I love most about COUNTING IN THE GARDEN is the fun and unusual selection of thing to count. From onions and butterflies to watermelon and worms the colorful illustrations are neat AND easy to count. I can't tell you how many times we've gone through the book over and over and over so she can see the different foods, flowers, and bugs while trying to count them.

We will definitely be adding AMMO Books to our list of publishers to buy toddler books that are both artistic and educational, two things that are very important to our family when it comes to buying books.

Notes: Received digital review copy via NetGalley.

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