Toy Rhi-view: Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Magnetic Kitchen Bottle Collection

A durable toddler favorite. (5 Stars)

Let's face it. Finding cool toys for the toddler-under-3 set is almost impossible. They're too young for most of the really fun stuff and too developed to enjoy most of the toys that are safe for their age. Limited to shape sorters, stackers and very few items that encourage pretend play it's just plain frustrating to find enjoyable toys to hold my little one's attention.

From shortly before her first birthday—she's 22-months-old now—my toddler has been showing an interest in pretend play and a penchant for mimicry of adult actions like combing hair or putting on shoes. Her little plastic tea pot that sings and the cups that come with it are a favorite. Making slurping noises when she'd pretend to drink from those little cups was the behavior that prompted my search for toys in a similar vein that she could play with. Everything in the food related pretend play seems to fall in the 3+ range for safety. Tea sets, toy food, wooden pots and pans. One of the only items I could find was this set.

These are chubby wooden "bottles" with a magnet embedded in the top. They have removable tops that have a magnet within them too. They snap back onto their matching colored partner letting a toddler both pretend to open and use the "contents" of the bottle as well as learn to identify colors. They're rather simple in styling but can take quite the beating. One of my toddler's favorite pastimes involves throwing toys down the stairs to see the effect and these have had more trips up and down my stairs than I can count in the four months we've had them. They've also endured a fair amount of knawing. I would caution parental supervision with the size on the red, green, and orange lids as they are a little bit narrow. They're not quite small enough that my daughter would potentially choke but I'm cautious about anything she can fit mostly into her mouth.

I'm a big fan of Melissa & Doug toys in general, I think their products are well made and beautiful while being fun too. I can't wait till my little lady turns 3 and we can add some of their other cute food playthings to our toy box.

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Notes: This product was purchased by me and I have received no compensation for endorsing this product.

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