Book Rhi-view: Eating the Rainbow

Eating the Rainbow (Babies Everywhere)
Baby, Toddler, Colors, Food
Board Book $6.95 (20 pages, STAR BRIGHT BOOKS)
Children will have fun learning the names and colors of nutritious fruits and vegetables shown on each page of this board book. The large, bright photographs teach children about healthy, delectable foods.
Publisher Site: http://www.starbrightbooks.org/

Unique Foods, Beautiful Simplicity (5 stars)

There are two things I guess I would consider myself pretty passionate about sharing with my children; my love of reading and good food. Both are things it seems harder and harder to share with kids as packaged foods and video games tear kiddos away from the joy of having the imagination and the tastebuds stimulated. So I try really hard to find lots of fun and interesting books to share with my toddler and of course, feed her lots of new foods to expand her palate.

EATING THE RAINBOW really wowed me. Not only is it teaching colors in a simple format with beautiful photographs it wasn't just a list of the boringly basic bananas and apples. This book features some less everyday foods many kids don't know as well, such as peppers, figs, and mushrooms right alongside common American staples like strawberries, eggs, and brocolli.

My 21-month-old is an avid food taster. If she sees you eating it... she wants it. She loves mushrooms, avocados, and mango but she enjoys basics like eggs, blueberries, and cheese. If you'd like to encourage your tot to try some new foods this might be a great way to show them a wider variety. While this isn't purely a book of fruits and veggies I really like it and my little one does too... mostly she wants to eat it and I wish I could blame it on the food pictures but no, she's a toddler and loves to chew on her books. Happy parenting!

Notes: Received digital review copy via NetGalley.

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