A Baby's Breast Friend.

As the third trimester has his and we're cutting it down to the final days of the pregnancy a lot has been going on.

Adam took a trip out to WA to visit his side of the family. We got a lot of flack for the solo trip decision. Well, I've got a finger for everyone who has attitude about it. So there. Because we knew the trip was going to be at a point when I would be very pregnant it just would have been a very uncomfortable drive and stay for me.

Not that I didn't want to get out there and visit with the Newman clan! I have often thought that I couldn't have picked a better family to marry into. Everyone has always made me feel like part of the family in an effortless way that never has felt forced. Plus they're just as trouble riddled as any normal family and that makes me comfortable in being myself with them. If they were one of those perfect families you see on TV they'd suck. Hopefully we'll have the time and money to bring the new baby out to see everyone next summer.

Of course, things couldn't go smoothly while Adam was gone. We had something in the apartment break, a lengthy power outtage during a horrid storm and to ice the cake the kids and I were riding to the state fair with the in-laws and we were in a car accident! I have a distinct aversion to ambulance rides that has increased greatly in the six days since the accident. Unfortunately pregnant women are pretty much forced to go to the hospital and be seen at the ER whether they want to or not. I will say I was a bit worried about 'evil fetus' because of a lack of movement. As soon as my claustrophobia kicked in while being loaded into the ambulance I think my own crazy heart rate and such told the baby I really needed to know that she/he was okay. There was plenty of movement before we reached the hospital and while I walked out with a pretty bad cervical strain (whiplash) and a neck brace the baby had a clean bill of health as far as they can tell.

In other news... my neurologist is apparently out on maternity leave! Bah! So I had to see an intern when I wanted to sit down and discuss the pregnancy and my seizure disorder a bit. Dr. Jones was a very nice man but I got the impression he's never dealt with a situation like mine before. He added a folate suppliment and magnesium oxide to my current lot of pills. I feel like all I do is shove vitamins down my gullet lately. Let's hope all these help the baby be healthy, strong and have the super smarts.

We also discussed the BIG issue that has plagued me since before I became pregnant. I want to breastfeed!!!!! I can't imagine not being able to do it. I know lots of women who find the idea pretty disgusting. Some are too used to their breasts being sexual objects to be comfortable with the mother/child aspect of things. I can respect that to some extent but I could make the same claim over plenty of other body parts. For others they have to go back to work or are in a situation where they can't because of medical conditions with them or the baby. That is where I am kind of sitting. I don't want to be unable because of my medicine. From what Dr. Jones could tell me I will likely be able to breastfeed. I've done some research and he did some searching through his medical texts and so far the advice is not to feed for about two hours after I take my medicine and to just watch the baby for signs of overly sleepiness. I do want to talk further about it though with my OB, my regular neurologist and possibly the pediatritian we set up for the wee one.

So here's to hoping we get to enjoy breastfeeding again! Adam thinks that once I know better what our options are I should invest in one of those ooky electric milking machines. Which makes sense to me but they look scary. I tried a manual pump with Arik and it was painful and messy. But with dad and big brother around to help with feedings this would be a good way to make it possible. I just wish I knew now so I could start planning what I need—like the breastpump—so we'll be ready.

I did find out that this week is the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Awareness' World Breast Feeding Week! A big thanks to the bebeaulait.com site for sending out the email to remind everyone. ANNNND if you're a breastfeeding mama the email also noted that they're giving away a big basket of goodies to one lucky winner who buys a Hooter Hider or Bebe au Lait nursing cover this week! Very cool. I totally want to buy a Hooter Hider anyway but rats I dunno if I will get to use it.

So it has been a very eventful few weeks and I'll be having my glucose test on Friday morning (YUCK!) so wish us luck! Luck for healing so I can get out of this uncomfy brace and the pain will go away. Luck for getting to breastfeed our baby. And lastly, luck for having a smoother month of August and so on!
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