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Not much news on the baby front the past couple of weeks...

I'm looking quite epic right now to the point of needing MORE maternity clothes. Did I just say epic? Yes, I really did. Because when you're normally somewhere around a size 6 other women don't take kindly to you calling yourself fat. I tried pulling on my favorite pair of maternity jeans on Sunday only to discover my hips are now a bit too big for them. Which resulted in a misguided desperation trip to Old Navy to buy a larger size. Of course, Old Navy has decided that maternity does not sell well in store and they were in the midst of clearancing out all of their maternity wear. This would have been great had any of it been things I wanted. I did manage to snag a very cute top I had been eye-balling since I got pregnant and two pair of jeans but most of it was either in the XL or XS size ranges and I'm definitely in a M or a L depending on the cut. Bummer they didn't have any cute tops and such left though.

What I did strangely break down and buy, however, were two string bikinis. Huh? Yeah, I know. Not exactly bikini body right now but I can't fit a one-piece barely when I'm not pregnant (my torso is too long) so add in a baby bump and I'm screwed. I must admit though I had to buy the largest tops I've ever had. It's like having grapefruits for boobs I tell you! With Arik being a bigtime swimmer now though I needed to have something to wear when I take him to the pool. We actually went today in spite of the less than scorching weather and it was very nice. No, I did not parade around showing off my gut to the world in my bikini, I wore one of Adam's white tees over everything but I was quite comfy for a change. If the water hadn't been so chilly and the day a bit windy I think I might have actually swam a little. The water was such a relief to the weight I'm having to adjust to.

It seems that the baby has shifted position somewhat. Unlike big brother who was always doing flips this one seems to find one positon and stick with it. This was very much evidenced last night when Adam came home from work. I was laying on the bed reading (been doing a lot of that since I get winded easily) when he got home and told him to come in there. The baby hasn't been kicking much of late and that does make me a little nervous when I don't feel anything all day. So I told him to talk to the baby and see if he couldn't get a response. Baby definitely likes to hear daddy's voice! He was making silly voices and talking to my belly and we went from stillness to what felt like a hissy-fit. We even managed to get Arik in there just in time to put his cheek down on my belly and get kicked in the face. I LMAO at that one! The sibling rivalry begins. *dun, dun, dun*

We meet the new OB next week and I'm a little nervous. I hate starting this process all over again. I've had the same OB since I was pregnant with Arik but she's moving at the end of July so she won't be around this time to deliver this one. She had good things to say about the new one though so hopefully we're a good match. I don't know how other women feel but for me being able to feel at ease enough to be open, honest and ask anything is very important with an OB/GYN. Now I'm just crossing my fingers I like her AND her nurse. Funny how that works. I HATE my neurologist's nurse. She's so cranky and mean. I dread any time I have to deal with her. Here's hoping everything works out well with the new OB and her nurse.

But that's really about all there is to report today. It's been very quiet for us. TTFN!

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