Pink Versus Blue

It's definitely no secret that Adam and I have been hoping for a girl. Sure, we have his daughter from his previous relationship but it's just not the same. Miyah has always lived with her mother and has never really shown a great interest in having me be her 'other' mommy. For some step-mothers this would probably be pretty difficult and sure there are times when I feel frustrated by it but I've been a step-child too so I understand her side of things more than most. Having a girl would never be about replacing Miyah—though I can honestly say I worry she might see it that way if the baby is a girl—but rather, it's about getting to raise a girl that is ours, his and mine.

So we had THE ultrasound today. You know... the one where we were supposed to find out whether we're supposed to be buying blue or pink. I was so anxious over it I didn't even want to get up this morning. "What if it's a boy, am I going to be disappointed?"... "How is Arik going to take it if the baby is a girl?"... "What if they say it's a girl and when it's born they were wrong?"...

Oh yeah. I was freaking out!

From 2pm until my appointment at 3pm I felt sick. The fact that I had to drink four 8oz. cups of water didn't help. My stomach was filled with water and a little bit of pumpkin ravioli I managed to choke down for lunch. Not the best combo sloshing around in a nervous tummy. Then of course there's the simple fact of the matter... pregnant bladders aren't fans of large quantities of liquid!

Finally we get on over to the clinic to have the ultrasound and this really awesome gal named Ann (maybe it was spelled Anne?) took us back to the 'cave'. I've always thought of ultrasound rooms as caves. They keep them so dim and such that you feel like you're in a cozy cave or animal's den or something. From there it was pretty much what you'd expect... I lay down, lift up my shirt, get a gigantic blob of clear goop squeezed out over my belly (warmed tyvm!) and the tech runs the wand over my belly like some sort of computer mouse on crack.

Most people who have never had kids find this whole thing pretty boring to hear about and most people in general find it really creepy or gross. Call me crazy but I love getting the ultrasound. Seeing the baby's body from various angles and being able to pick out it's parts is really fascinating to me. The parts weren't so obvious when I had mine with Arik but ten years later the technology has really improved. You could see so much of the baby it was crazy! Eyelids, kidneys, toes, hands, the heart beating! And it kept opening its mouth and putting it's hand up there like it was trying to take a bite of some invisible snack. haha! I think what I strangely found the coolest was seeing the baby's spine and ribs all connected and in good view. I've been so worried about complications because of my anti-seizure meds that kind of defect has worried me.

So overall the baby looked very healthy and normal. No missing limbs or anything unusual. There is a small issue with the left kidney not being drained like it should but they said that usually goes away as the organs mature so we'll be keeping an eye on it. Thank goodness you only need one kidney to live eh? We're all quite sure it is a small issue and the doc and tech said it likely won't be anything serious.

But none of that is what everyone is waiting for right? All everyone wants to know is if it's a boy or a girl. Now let me just say we got some reeeeeally great pics from the ultrasound. Adam is working on getting them scanned in so we can put them up so keep checking back! Unfortunately while we could get the baby to do all kinds of cool things like putting it's feet over it's head and having it's arms up as if it were saying "Wheeeeeeee! This is fun!" the little monster would NOT open it's thighs a bit. We tried and tried to get a peek at the privates but apparently this one lacks the show-off tendencies of its older brother. With Arik it was "Hey everybody look! I have a penis!" as he spread his legs a mile wide—not that that attitude has changed much in ten years.

So what's the consensus? Ann said it's probably a girl based off what we could see. We got an okay side view where she said usually you'd see a penis sticking up if it was there. Does that mean for sure it's a girl? NO. We're not convinced yet. Obviously we tried to conceive a girl and my childhood BF, Brooke, did some Chinese zodiacy thingy that said I was having a girl and my former neighbor, Brandy, did the pendulum thing over my belly and it too said girl... so what can we say? LOL We think it's probably a girl and will likely start planning for a girl but don't settle those bets just yet! ;)


  1. YEA!!! Even though it is not definite! Will you get another ultrasound to monitor the kidney? Maybe they can pass the wand around to check the gender again!

    Congratulations! The ultra sound is always so exciting, I wanted to do like Tom Cruise and buy one for my home, but alas, didn't have a million or two sitting around the house! :)

  2. I have done a medevil incantation and it tells me the baby is the spawn of the Devil and will one day rule Hell.


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