Eating like a hobbit...

One of the most challenging parts of pregnancy for me last time was gaining weight. Between those awful months of vomiting up a lot of what I ate and just having always had a pretty high metabolism I couldn't seem to add it and keep it. My wonderful OB never really made it a big issue during that pregnancy but at the time I was on the WIC program and they were really mean about it. I swear they thought I was trying NOT to gain weight.

Up until the past year I've never really cared about my weight. I blame darned good genetics for that one. But, of course, when you're trying to grow a healthy baby you suddenly have to make a concerted effort to not only eat the right foods but to try and gain some weight with them!

Now how the hell am I supposed to do that when my organs are all crammed up into my chest cavity? :P Now that the evil all-day sickness has subsided I've finally got the belly. To me I don't look pregnant... I look like I have a giant bee sting on my tummy. This baby is definitely being carried lower than Arik was and so that belly that everyone notices and wants to pat isn't the baby. It's soooo embarrassing explaining it too! "Oh, no. No, that's not the baby... that's my organs... I'm having intestines." Yeesh.

So what's my new eating strategy? Eat like a hobbit. No really.

Quoted directly from Wikipedia: "They enjoy at least seven meals a day, when they can get them – breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner and (later in the evening) supper."

Of course this mostly has resulted in me eating toaster waffles, salads loaded with grated cheese and dressing, chicken pot pies and bowls of cereal at all odd hours of the day between and sometimes immediately following other meals. I had a salad, a pear, a string cheese AND a chicken pot pie before bed last night. I think tonight I might just order us a pizza... or well... one for me and one for them. That way I can eat half at dinner and half at bedtime. Because I am slowly but surely becoming a character straight out of a damned Tolkien novel whether I like it or not. Hmmm anyone else suddenly have a craving for mushrooms?

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  1. Fruity Pebbles for me, thank you! (I had to hide them from Colton) And as of lately Dreyer All Fruit popsicles... yummy!!!


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