Our Baby Story

I didn't really intend to start a baby blog. Really. But I've had so much to talk about with this one that I haven't known where to talk about it. All the new things I've tried, what's different from my first pregnancy ten years ago, what it's like finding out your beloved OB/GYN you've been seeing for the past decade is moving out-of-state three months before you're due... oh yeah, there's been a lot to discuss!

Keeping such a blog with my first pregnancy would likely have been a completely different story but then I didn't even own a computer at that time let alone know what a blog was. When I was pregnant with our first born I also worked full-time, something I have the great fortune not to be doing now.

Another reason I decided to start a blog for this one is that with most family members and friends having computers and internet access they can drop by at their leisure to read up on what's new with the pregnancy. Now if only I had everyone's most current email addresses.

So what's the story so far?

Well... once we decided it was time to either have another child like we've wanted to for years or just give up on the idea completely there was a lot to be done. My OB/GYN and my neurologist both needed to feel I was in a physiologically good place to be pregnant. Knowing the risks that come along with anti-seizure medications and birth defects was definitely my biggest concern. Unfortunately, I've had to continue taking my medication because having a seizure would be far more dangerous than the medication itself. No matter what there are risks there's just no getting around them.

Given the green light for pregnancy we were hoping to have bought a house before we started working on that but well... sometimes you just can't let those kind of circumstances hold you back. That's when I decided I wanted to research ways to increase the chances of conceiving a girl. A little googling later I had learned of the Shettles method and the basic ideas behind it. I can't say we followed it to the letter because we were in a hurry to conceive (to avoid having another November baby!), but we hope that it at least increased our chances a little.

So why did we want to bother with trying specifically for a girl?

During our first pregnancy I wanted to have a boy. Adam already had a daughter with his ex-girlfriend and at the time I was the only girl in my generation of kids. I really wasn't sure I'd know what to do with a girl. The idea of dealing with French braids and pierced ears scared me! So when we saw our son on the ultrasound I think we were both pretty happy. But we've had ten years to enjoy parenting a son and though he really wants this one to be his 'little brother', we can't help but hope that we will get to enjoy a new realm of parenting we haven't been through before.

That's not to say we will be unhappy with another boy—I think Arik will be thrilled more than anyone—as long as our baby is healthy we can't ask for anything more.

The getting pregnant part was definitely the easiest part of this entire process. Once we had that part accomplished we knew the first person the news had to be shared with was of course Arik. Next to ourselves he was going to be the most affected by this change in our lives and our household. But at nine-years-old it is a completely different scenario than it would be with a toddler. Obviously he is old enough to know that babies don't just arrive via stork special delivery or grow in the mother's stomach. The only trouble was, we knew there were going to be questions we weren't sure how to answer with both the scientific accuracy and sensitivity to maturity level that was needed.

This meant a parents-only bookstore trip. We had to find two books. One about becoming a big brother that wasn't a cheesy toddler tale that would make him think we were idiots and one to explain where babies come from. In the end we settled on three books. The classic Berenstain Bears' New Baby, A New Baby Is Coming!: A Guide for a Big Brother or Sister, and It's So Amazing!: A Book about Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies, and Families. Once we were all at home we sat Arik down and I read the Berenstain Bears book and being the way-too-smart-for-his-own-good twerp he is he immediately asked if we were having a baby.

Since then it's been doctor's appointments, morning sickness that lasts all day and trying to prepare ourselves mentally and emotionally for the big changes that are soon to come.

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  1. Hi there! I'm glad to "keep in touch" via blogs after our last night of swimming lessons (woo hoo!!!)


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