Review: The Night the Stars Went Out

A darling reminder... (5 stars)

When a hard working alien has to visit Earth to find what he needs to fix the stars he learns a very important lesson. While this is a book that kids will adore, I think the message of not taking everything so seriously, will really resonate with hard working moms and dads. I know I felt a tiny bit chastised as I read it to my 6 year old. A really good one to read at bedtime! 

Notes: ARC received via NetGalley.

The Night the Stars Went Out
by Suz Hughes
Release Date: October 1, 2016
Space, Friendship
Print (32 pages, CAPSTONE)
Alien was the star controller for the entire galaxy, which was a big job for a very little alien. One night something disastrous happens, and Alien faces the biggest problem of his life. Will Alien be able to fix the stars? With a focus on friendship and problem solving, this picture book is a treat for everyone. (Ages 3-7)


Review: Business Cat: Money, Power, Treats

Hilarious & Strangely Relatable (5 stars)

Imagine a blend of Archer, Workaholics, and Garfield. This hysterical collection of comics had me in stitches from start to finish. As the owner (err... minion) of 3 cats I recognized a lot of the antics Business Cat gets up to but I think every office worker who has a demanding boss is sure to find the struggles relatable too.

If you need a gut busting laugh and don't loathe cats... this book is for you.

Notes: ARC received via NetGalley.

Business Cat: Money, Power, Treats by Tom Fonder

Humor, Comics, Business, Cats
Print/Digital (128 pages, ANDREWS MCMEEL)
Boss. Billionaire. Business maverick. Cat.
The only big-business tycoon boasting his own private executive litter box and luxury mega cat condo, the dashing Business Cat misses meetings because he’s stuck in trees, sends emails while napping on keyboards, and demands to be let out, then in, then out again.
This debut volume of the popular online comic The Adventures of Business Cat collects all the fan favorites plus a generous bonus of all-new material, for value-added experience and high employee satisfaction.
Cat lovers and office workers of the world: meet in the break room and unite!


Which Needs Organizing: Kitchen,Office, Bathroom? Try This!

Versatility for your organizing needs!  (5 Stars)

Ugh. I hate admitting it. I'm a clutter bug. I like being organized but hate trying to find a system that works for me long-term. I am always on the lookout for useful products and items that will make the job easier though. Like this super versatile set of magnetic spice jars and their base.

I love this as a way to make your go-to spices easy to reach and easy to see. It even has openings on the sides for shaking or pouring! So awesome for someone like me who loves spices and playing with them when cooking, baking, or just making a smoothie. In an office it'd be great for rubber bands, push pins or staples. I was even thinking it would be a great place to have my husband stuff change and all the little things he dumps out of his pocket onto the dresser and nightstand. Ultimately though, I decided I wanted to put it to use in my bathroom.

My mini clear hair ties always get lost and this makes them easy to find. I always have sample vials of perfumes and perfume oils (like the amazing ones from Deep Midnight Perfumes on Etsy) and those are hard to store without them rolling around. My fave loose makeup pigments are ready to go at a moment's notice. I even took off the lid and put my favorite everyday lipglosses and lipsticks in one.

If you want a versatile storage unit for a counter or desktop this is a really nice one. I will probably wind up buying myself one for my second bathroom and one for my kitchen I've loved it so much.

Notes: I received a complimentary product for reviewing purposes.

Stainless Steel Magnetic Containers

Product Details: SAVE MORE TODAY! Add to Cart to reveal today's instant rebate discount pricing from the manufacturer for authorized Amazon resellers. READY TO BE THE ROCKSTAR OF YOUR NEXT PARTY OR HOLIDAY GATHERING? Every good host or hostess knows the real secret to an unforgettable party is delicious food! Let your inspired culinary creations run wild! This durable 6 piece set of magnetic storage tins will keep your favorite spices fresh for months on end.
ARTS AND CRAFTS JUST GOT MORE FUN AND LESS MESSY! Enjoy craft time with your friends and family without turning your home into a disaster zone. Whether you're making a beaded necklace or a dream catcher, keep all of your supplies organized with this sturdy magnetic tin storage set. Perfect for holding beads, glitter and any other must-have materials that are essential to your creative process. Adjustable tray that lays flat or tilts, this storage tin set will fit the smallest of work spaces.
SLEEK AND STYLISH DESIGN WILL LOOK GREAT IN YOUR KITCHEN! This set is designed to beautifully complement your modern stainless steel appliances. Adding a little extra shine to your kitchen never hurts. Keep your favorite spices organized by using the included storage tray, or secure individual tins to any metal surface with the magnetic bottoms. Extremely versatile, each tin is equipped with a twistable lid that pours and shakes, making them useful for a wide range of cooking applications.
ORGANIZE YOUR OFFICE FOR ULTIMATE PRODUCTIVITY! A messy desk is a productivity killer. Eliminate this problem once and for all by organizing your office supplies with this stylish magnetic tin storage set. Ideal for holding paper clips, staples, tacks and any other supplies you might need. With an adjustable rack, these storage tins are designed to fit into tight spaces, so you won't have to worry about them taking over your desk. You won't have a tin left over after filling in your supplies.
PRESERVE THE FRESHNESS AND TASTE OF YOUR FAVORITE SPICES! No one likes eating food with stale spices and you don't like cooking with them. These are food grade quality storage tins. Taste will be maximized in every meal you prepare. Use these storage tins for spices of all kinds: ginger, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, basil, garlic, or anything else that brings your best dishes to life. Have more than 6 spices or herbs that you use on a regular basis? Add a second set of storage tins to your order.


Creative, Healthy Lunch Ideas for School & Work!

If things go well next week I'm about to go from work-at-home mom to a job that'll take me away from my comfort zone. I'm thinking optimistically and trying to pump myself up for the interview. But wait a minute... if I'm not working at home anymore... my love affair with random bowls of cereal, throwing together a fancy salad, or fresh-made grilled cheese sandwich lunches are gonna become a thing of the past.

How's a girl totally grown-up woman supposed to pack lunches that are actually yummy while also being full of nutrition? 

Image Credit: Source

I just found these great clean eats options over on Blogilates. I feel so inspired and ready to rock being part of the lunch bag bunch at my new job. Because I'm going to get it and be amazing at it—rocking the positive thinking FTW!

Check them out and let me know which one you'd like to try in the comments.


Sick of the loose tea struggle? Here's the solution.

No fuss, no muss. (5 Stars)

While I love my Fred & Friends sloth tea infuser, I don't enjoy cleaning it out after use. I also tend to like my tea strong so it can be difficult to get enough into many of the infusers on the market today. These drawstring tea filters have become the perfect solution!

They're a little bit bulky compared to your average tea bag but that can actually be a major boon to those of us who like making our tea strong. This also allows for a wider mouth making filling it a dream. I love that once the steeping is over I can just squeeze the excess liquid out and then toss the whole shebang into my compost bin. There is no taste lingering from them either. Using the drawstring to close it will take a gentle but firm hand but once you get the hand of it you'll be happy with it.

Notes: This is a review of a complimentary product.

Musings Tea Filter Bags

Product Details: Easy to Carry * Disposable * Spoon - Secure - Steep - Sip ...... Enjoy!
Chlorine Free - Biodegradable - Compostable - 100% Natural
Holds Up To 4 Teaspoons - Use For: Teacup, Mug, Travel Mug Or Pot Of Tea
No Fussing. No Staples. No Mess. No Bad Taste.

Review: The Trouble with Women by Jacky Fleming

Off to ride my bicycle... (5 stars)

Forgive me, my arms are so short I almost had to ask my genius husband to type this review for me. So I'll be brief. This tongue-in-cheek book is a bit dry but has the spot on humor women are sure to find enjoyable. It's downright painful to read what many of these educated men of science thought of the "gentler sex".

If you want to share feminism in a fresh and darkly amusing format I much recommend this.

Notes: ARC received via NetGalley.

The Trouble with Women
by Jacky Fleming
Comics, Feminism, Humor
Print/Digital (128 pages, ANDREWS MCMEEL)
Perfect for fans of Kate Beaton, Lena Dunham, and Caitlin Moran, The Trouble with Women is a feminist's brilliant, tongue-in-cheek, hysterical look at women's "issues," "frailties," and "failures" in our not-so-distant history.
Ever noticed that women don't feature much in history books, and wondered why? Then this is the book for you. In The Trouble with Women, feminist artist Jacky Fleming illustrates how the opinions of supposed male geniuses, such as Charles Darwin (who believed that women have smaller brains than men) and John Ruskin (who believed that women's main function was to praise men), have shaped the fate of women through history, confining them to a life of domesticity and very little else.
Get ready to laugh, wince, and rescue forgotten women from the "dustbin of history," while keeping a close eye out for tell-tale "genius hair."


The Only Book You'll Ever Need For This

The Only Yoga Book You'll Ever Need (4 stars)

Okay, so you'll probably want many more books in your yoga collection if you're serious about it. But this is one of the most full tomes on the subject I've had the pleasure of viewing. Every asana is photographed. I don't know about you, but I find that seeing yoga poses is equally as helpful as having detailed written instructions. 

I wasn't sure I'd like the way the book was divided (many books divide poses by difficulty level) but quickly found that having it set up by the type of pose was quite logical. The accompanying dual names and information were very useful, particularly modifications.

Even if you never wind up using this book to practice yoga it's quite beautiful to look through. The models make the poses look easy, almost natural. It's a very serene experience. I'd almost recommend it to art students as a reference for how muscle and bone can move in harmony.


Review: 365 Ways to Attract Good Luck by Richard Webster

Make your own luck! (5 stars)

Since I was a little girl I've had a quiet obsession with luck and specifically items that are considered lucky. I suppose it could have been fostered by my Irish-American grandfather but whatever the cause I just find luck and superstition in general to be interesting.

Richard Webster has put together a wonderful resource for my fellow luck enthusiasts. From animals and foods to folklore and stones you'll learn a lot of interesting facts and maybe pick up some good luck along the way.

Notes: Review copy received via NetGalley.

365 Ways to Attract Good Luck
Simple Steps to Take Control of Chance and Improve Your Future
by Richard Webster
New Age, Spirituality, Occultism
Digital/Print (240 pages, LLEWELYN)
What is good luck and how can you attract it into your life? Bestselling author Richard Webster demystifies this age-old concept and shares 365 easy ideas anyone can use to increase their good fortune in every area of life.
From acting on your hunches to using lucky charms, from carrying a badger’s tooth to random acts of kindness, the techniques presented in this entertaining and informative book are sure to tip the odds in your favor. With tried-and-true advice, unexpected tips, and everything you need to know about lucky days, numbers, months, and more, this easy-to-use guide is brimming with wise counsel for increasing your good luck.

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